19 Thought-Provoking Ideas to Change Your Life

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About The Book

What if you fail?

You really are not good enough. What makes you think you can create something as big as this?

Remember how you lost all your savings when you tried the last time. History will repeat itself, so stop acting like a fool.

You’re too small and unfit for this. It’s out of your bounds. Do you live in a fantasy world?

Have you ever heard this self-talk in your mind when you’re trying to accomplish something which is a long cherished idea or dream?

THE Secret Saboteur poses these questions in your mind and even before you can begin, your mind becomes doubtful and you therefore never act in the direction of your success. If you haven’t accomplished your desired goals yet, ask yourself: Why not?

This book searches the answers to this question, and the nineteen ideas shared in this book are akin to perfectly honed tools. They will disrupt the usual patterns of your thinking and behavior that restricts you. They will help you unravel the very core of who you truly are and who you want to become. One thing is guaranteed: if you implement them in your life, you will see your life changing for good.

Your mind is your best friend and the secret weapon to create unprecedented success in your life. All we need to do is to learn the art of mastering it – and this is exactly what this book will help you accomplish.

What’s inside




Identifies the various weapons used by Secret Saboteur and details techniques to defeat him in each case.



Focuses on all the attributes, qualities, and characteristics that will facilitate you to slide into the driver’s seat of your life, and take complete control of it.



Ideas that will act as catalysts to this incredible journey of transforming your life.


There are some people that seem to possess the ‘Midas Touch’, an almost magical ability to achieve all their dreams. Success seems to follow them as nonchalantly as if it were their shadow. So, what is their secret? What distinguishes them from all the remaining people who are struggling to achieve the ever-so-elusive ‘success’? If we were to decode the one key characteristic that makes these people successful, it would be that they have chosen to expel the ‘Secret Saboteur’ from their systems.

What is a Secret Saboteur? How does it impact someone’s system? And most importantly, what is this system?

The system I talk about is our mind, the workshop where all our dreams come to life. We are told that our mind is nothing less than a miracle, it can create the life we want. If that is true, why do most of us end up struggling? Why do we feel like the circumstances in our lives are not in our control and that external factors are dominating our lives? How can we make this extremely powerful and miraculous ‘mind’ work in our favour? Why are we unable to live and create the life that we want? Can we really make our ‘mind’ help us realize all our dreams?

These are intriguing questions. What I have understood from my own experience and my experiences as a coach is the reason we are unable to live the life we desire is because we do not know how our mind works and why it is not helping us create the success we want. There is a demon inside us, which I call the ‘Secret Saboteur’, blocking and sabotaging our success. When we dream of accomplishing a long cherished idea, before our powerful mind can even start working on it, the saboteur intervenes, in the form of our introspective self-talk and starts dissuading us.

This book is divided into three sections helping reader not just find answers but helping create a toolbox for success in life.

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In each chapter, I share stories of my clients or participants I have met at my workshops. These are people who have created miracles in their lives by following these simple yet life-changing ideas.

Rinku's encouraging voice makes the reader act and not sit still. MY LIFE I DECIDE is an outstanding guide to Success!

Harjinder Kaur Talwar, President FICCI FLO

A book of ideas that will change your mindset. It will direct you towards a life of contentment and success!

Kulpreet Yadav, Author, Motivational Speaker and ex-Armed Forces Officer

Straight Talking Wisdom put forth in a simple and practical manner with relatable examples. This book is what you need to change your life!

Kiran Manral, Ideas Editor, SheThePeople.tv

About the author.

Rinkoo Sawhney Site Icon

I’m Rinkoo Sawhney and I am a Personal Excellence Coach, Author of this book, “My Life I Decide” and a speaker. 

I have worked with over 15,000 people in the last 14 years and guided them to create the life they always envisioned.

I have coached people from all walks of life, including professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, senior executives, students and homemakers.

This book is not just an amalgamation of the coaching stories, but is a coaching manual for anyone trying to understand the process of coaching.

Rinkoo Sawhney


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